Welcome!  This is the home of the Washington State chapter of the Contemporary A Cappella Society.  The most popular page on this site is the list of

Choral Groups in the Puget Sound Area

Did you know there are over 120 choirs around the sound, between Olympia and Bellingham?  With so many large choirs and choral ensembles in the area, there's no excuse not to get out and sing!!  :-)


The Contemporary A Cappella Society is dedicated to promoting all types of a cappella singing.  CASA's primary goal is to promote and foster the growth of "contemporary a cappella", which refers to small groups singing pop/rock/jazz/etc., usually one voice on each part.

A few years ago the Seattle area had a thriving a cappella community, with many up-and-coming groups and several internationally known professional groups.  Alas, after 9/11, the economic recession caused companies all over the area to completely cut their entertainment budgets, which caused most of our professional groups to either disband or move.  And without their inspiration, new groups stopped forming, and the scene mostly stalled.

Hopefully the Seattle a cappella scene will recover soon, but we still have several AWESOME groups in the area!  They include:

National Harmony Sweepstakes winners: The Coats
National Harmony Sweepstakes winners: Groove For Thought
Regional Harmony Sweepstakes winners, Microsoft's own: The Baudboys
and several others that don't have websites yet, and probably others that I don't know about....

Back when there were lots of "contemporary a cappella" groups in the area , we did lots of open mics and some benefit concerts.  See here for info about our last big concert.