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Just 4 Kicks

Vijay Singh, Kirby Shaw, Randy Crenshaw & Kirk Marcy

Just 4 Kicks started out as a hastily put-together group at a festival in 1994, more out of mutual admiration for each other and as a whim, but it caught the public ear. Each of the quartet's members has a very active and high-profile music career of his own and was not necessarily expecting something to grow from the occasion. However, now they travel all over the United States and Canada, giving concerts, clinics, workshops, and great musical fun and inspiration to students everywhere.

 Just 4 Kicks' first album is titled "Just For Kicks". Choral arranging giant Kirby Shaw performs here with musical friends who, although separated by miles (spread from LA to Seattle), share an infectious love for fun vocal jazz. This is "real jazz," too, with scat or otherwise improvised solos on virtually every song. But like the title indicates, the male quartet is doing this for the sheer enjoyment rather than making a

 Just For Kicks CD

 All In Good Time  Just 4 Kicks has released another album called "All In Good Time". To quote a cappella agent extraordinaire Ken Maucelli giving a quick description, "there are 13 tracks in all, with arrangements of tunes by "Fats," Duke, Miles, Fain, Bonfa, Stevie Wonder, Frishberg, Strayhorn...a nice little musical tour through the jazz genre."

Last updated July 2000