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The 1994 National Harmony Sweeps Champs

The Coats

NOTE: As of May 13, 1999, there has been a change for this group. Known for 12 years as The Trenchcoats, they decided to change their name because of the troubles that name caused for them as a result of the incident at Littleton, Colorado.

The TrenchcoatsThe Trenchcoats started 14 years ago at the University of Washington when some of the members of the University Chorale got together to sing - on their own, a cappella, just for fun. While on a tour with the chorale to Eastern Washington they were told, as most choirs are, not to sing outside of rehearsals or performances, but these guys had to sing - it was in their blood. They chose a street corner in town and struck up a tune. The only trick was trying to keep Dr. Joan Cantoni Conlon, their director, from hearing them. Every time she heard them, they - and their growing crowd of listeners - moved around a corner to another position, in a futile attempt to sidestep Dr. Joan. They also became a big hit at the UW. One day, they were singing in Red Square in the center of campus when it began to rain. A crowd had gathered to hear them sing and didn't want them to quit. Someone handed them a trenchcoat to hold over their heads so they could stay dry and continue singing - and their name was born.

There have been several member changes over the years, with only one original member (Doug) remaining. Since late 1995 their lineup has consisted of these four members- pictured here from left to right - Doug Wisness (baritone), Jamie Dieveney (second tenor), Keith Anderson (high tenor), and Kerry Dahlen (bass).

The Coats put on a great show, complete with high energy singing and creative choreography. They have toured all over the US and are a huge hit on college campuses and at fairs and festivals. They sing in a variety of styles but they could be best described as a pop/rock,/jazz a cappella group.

The Coats have released several albums. They are:

It Turns Me On - CD Your Joy - CD Exposed - CD

It Turns Me On (1992) - Your Joy (1994) - Exposed (1995 - live)

Are You Up? - CD When I'm With You

Are You Up? (1996 - all originals) - When I'm With You (1999 - mostly accompanied)

The Coats Collection On Christmas Time

The Coats Collection (2000 ) - On Christmas Time (2000)

Both released by Primarily A Cappella Records

"Exposed" was awarded a 1997 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) as the Runner-up in the Live Album of the Year category. Way to go, guys!

The Coats can be reached at:

The Coats
PO Box 1444
Tacoma, WA 98401-1444
Hotline 253.925.1856

Check out their web page at

For Bookings contact:

Kell Houston
Good Music Agency Inc.
PO Box 82388
Kenmore, WA 98028
Fax 425.806.9508

Promo shot courtesy of The Coats and Good Music Agency, Inc.

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